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Pyramids of Meroë

Shendi, Sudan
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Unlikely Adventure to Forgotten Pyramids

Unlikely Adventure to Forgotten Pyramids

A last minute weekend adventure trip organized through a tour company in Dubai, landed me in Khartoum in March. Despite losing A/C in our minibus on the 4+ hour drive in 40C/104F heat to the pyramids site and encountering a sandstorm that engulfed us while we camped in the desert (and blew my tent over), seeing the Forgotten Pyramids of Meroë was an adventure I would not quickly give back. We approached the UNESCO Heritage site as the sun sat low in the sky and were greeted by children sprinting toward us with their trinkets and mini sandstone pyramids to sell. Camels and their owners trotted in line as well to offer us a ride, but in the evening, our group opted for a walk through the sand to be among the pyramids' curiously steep walls. While taking in the moments, we tried to given attention to the ancient carvings and paintings in the stones before the sun dropped over the horizon. There are more pyramids in Sudan than in Egypt – these ancient tombs in Meroë may even be the inspiration for those in Giza. Although smaller, their numbers and engineering excellence are astounding. Although there is a small ongoing preservation effort at the site and security watching out for the place (especially at night), we nearly had the place to ourselves when we visited this lesser-known wonder of the ancient world. Booking a tour is recommended for save travel and ease of entry and understanding of the site.