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Puri, Odisha, India

It Rained and Ruined

What happens when we are set to sail and suddenly one word pops out ” How ” .

Third and the last day of puri , Dolphin was in the bag now and backpack was getting more greedy , ready to move on. Konark temple was the next destination for my greedy backpack , he had got up early and had waited for that moment when he would be again on road.

Destiny had some other plans , he was enjoying the sun , had gone to swimming pool now body was all set for his next journey , but suddenly weather changed and ruined the whole mood.

Check out from The Hans Coco Palm and move to Konark temple and then straight to Bhubhaneshwar to spend a night there.

It drizzled a bit , mood was awesome till now its going to be cool breeze atlast and black and white pictures would come better of Konark temple it remains same. But ,

Where is the sun gone , clowds had become hungry and they had eaten him.

My greedy backpack never knew that he had unzip and unpack again , but it was on the cards. It started raining heavily a little after and whole plan went into backpack.

My greedy Backpack again into the room , let the things get better , lts enjoy the luxury of The Hans Coco Palm. What to do, It Rained and Ruined the plan.

Now would be heading towards Bhubhaneshwar directly.

Though it rained heavily , sea roared at its best my greedy backpack spent some hours in swimming pool again and in rain.