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Punta Culebra

The Slow Road in Panama City
You are (almost) guaranteed the sight many an iguana and at least one sloth while on a visit to Punta Culebra. This small treasure is a Smithsonian museum outpost on Amador Causeway.

The grounds are made of a forest and beach, as well as interactive touch pools.
There are large tanks that serve as homes for sharks and marine turtles and you'll be sure to see pelicans while they're fishing.

Make sure you don't miss the view of watching the ships sail under the Bridge of the Americas at the entrance to the Panama Canal.

Be sure to make the trip to Punta Culebra while you're in the hustle and bustle of the dynamic Panama City. The hidden and obvious iguanas (and possible sloths) won't disappoint.
Punta Culebra Nature Center (Smithsonian Marine Exhibition Center)
For some education on Caribbean and Pacific marine life, visit the Punta Culebra Nature Center at the first island of the Amador Causeway. The center is also referred to as the Smithsonian Marine Exhibition Center and is part of the world-renowned Smithsonian Tropical Research Center.

Highlights include short nature trails, several sea life exhibits, and telescopes for viewing marine life and their habitat. But for the most excitement, check out the aquariums and the shark and turtle pool.

Visitation hours vary throughout the year, so be sure to check the website.

Punta Culebra Nature Center (Smithsonian Marine Exhibition Center) Panama City  Panama