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Howard Vegetarian Source (源豪素食館)

545, Taiwan, 南投縣埔里鎮清新里

Vegetarian lover's paradise

A former vegetarian, I still prefer to consume vegetables much more than meat. Imagine my delight when, one day shortly after I moved to Puli, I came across a glorious family-owned vegetarian restaurant called 源豪素食館, or Howard Vegetarian Source.

This buffet, like many vegetarian buffets across Taiwan, is also known as a Buddhist buffet. It's not uncommon to see a number of Buddhist monks/nuns having lunch at these buffets. This particular restaurant offers a variety of delicious greens, interesting faux meats, tasty fried treats, noodles, dessert, and more. Some of the dishes may contain mayonnaise, eggs, or cream.

When visiting a vegetarian buffet, you scoop up what you want with a pair of tongs and load your food onto a plate or a carry-out carton. After you make your choices, your plate or carton will be weighed and you will most likely be asked if you want rice. At 源豪素食館, they offer a few different kinds of rice. My favorite was the reddish purple rice, which I've been told is medicinal.

When dining at a vegetarian buffet, you can get a lot of food for a good price.

源豪素食館 is a wonderful buffet to visit if you're ever in Puli.