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Praia do Porto da Barra

Porto de Barra Beach
In the days before and after new years in Salvador, this is what the beach looked like.

Fiasco: The Day the Ocean Took Over Porto da Barra Beach
The day the ocean took over Porto da Barra Beach in Salvador, Brazil, was a crazy fiasco and we had a blast! It had rained non-stop for days and it was miserable to be trapped indoors while visiting such a beautiful country. On this first day of sunshine, we headed to the beach as soon as possible. The Porto da Barra Beach is surrounded by a brick wall and on a normal day the afternoon tide does not come anywhere near this wall. However, this was not a normal day. Due to the recent heavy rainfall, the water levels were higher than usual. When the tide came in, it was fast and furious, giving us little time to react and gather our belongings. Unfortunately, there were a few casualties; we permanently lost one beer coozie to the ocean, temporarily lost one flip flop (it was carried back to shore in a future wave), and one iPhone was rendered useless from water damage. After the tide came rushing in, everyone left the beach except for our group. We were determined to enjoy our day in the sun and we definitely succeeded.

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Praia do Porto da Barra, Salvador - BA, Brazil