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A Guide to Prague for the Curious Traveler
Prague is a small historical and stunningly beautiful citadel that has many surprises for the curious traveler. This European capital is charming in any season, but I think it is a great option for a summer getaway due to its shady narrow streets, large parks and the variety of refreshing local beer. I spent there one of my best vacations, enjoying sightseeing, sports, and nightlife.

Bring your comfy shoes to Prague, walking tours can have over 10 kilometers and even if you go by yourself, you’ll get lost while looking at the ornamentation of buildings, admiring the shabby chic cafes or quaint boutiques. There’s something to catch your eye at every corner, not to mention the breathtaking views of the Vltava river. I ate my first dinner in the Czech Republic on a ship bottom restaurant, late at night, while getting warm in a blanket( the breeze is still chilly at the end of spring), looking at the city lights and the shapes of the baroque statues that embellish the Charles Bridge.

I arrived at noon on a warm day and I thought I should enjoy the leafy Petrin. My bed&breakfast was close-by and it was a great choice because it was close to the city center( I later found the neighborhoods large and disorienting) and it had a nice comfortable mattress that I really enjoyed after long days of trotting.

In Petrin, near the observation tower that offers a spectacular 360 view over Prague and over the artfully landscaped gardens nearby, I joyfully discovered a mirror maze. Zrcadlové bludiště Petřín looks like a small castle on the outside but inside a labyrinth made of mirrors, including “Hall of laughter”, where distorting mirrors create hilarious images of the visitor.

Talking about labyrinths, do not miss Cross Club, and spend a night out exploring this cyberpunk magical place with good music, affordable prices with bistro and an underground club. There I befriended a Czech couple, which took my the next day on their favourite city walk, starting from Wenceslas Square and heading to Old Town Square where I saw the famous Prague Orloj, a medieval astronomical clock, Church of Our Lady before Týn, the Baroque St. Nicholas Church and the Rococo Kinský Palace which is now the home of an art museum. They also took me to try dumplings at Lokal Inn and to see many antique shops, but I remember only Antikvariát Aurora on Spálená, where you can find old movie posters. However, by far the most memorable experience was taking a local bar crawl together, which is a nightclub tour with a single fee that covers entrances and a variety of drinks depending on the price of the tour. I took a 3-hour crawl with special beer tastings, but wilder options included vodka and absinthe. I noticed Czechs love the 80’s in terms of music and fashion, so I can call it a travel in time.

Before reaching the end of my trip, I was lucky to see the changing of the guards at the Vyšehrad Castle after spending a day browsing art galleries, breweries, and bars. I enjoyed the most the selection of local artwork at the secluded MeetFactory and the bohemian atmosphere at the hip café Unijazz, but also a picnic and a long bike ride in Stromovka Park.

I chose Prague fascinated by its 1000 years history, its diverse and quirky architecture and its twisted cobbled streets, but I also found a thriving cultural life, friendly people, and a vibrant nightlife.
Prague, Czechia