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John Lennon Wall-Prague
I'm ordinarily a harsh critic of the plague of graffiti, which is found in most urban areas. But I draw a distinction when considering the John Lennon Wall in the Mala Strana District of Prague. After Lennon was killed a wall of the Anglo-American School served as a makeshift memorial. Officials painted over the tributes, but the graffiti always returned, and, over time, began to symbolize even more to the Czech people, who were still under the yoke of Soviets. The wall is always changing, as I saw last December. I had seen it 4 years earlier, and the current version was vastly different, while still maintaining the bright pastels and carefully drawn designs and messages. The picture of the heart was the centerpiece, and quite poignant. If you get to Prague, just walk across the Charles Bridge and turn left at the first street. You'll come to the school. Follow the wall around the corner to see this unique memorial.
Prague, Czechia