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A Truly Magical City
I spent 40 fabulous hours in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Even though it was a very short trip, it was by far one of my favorite places I have traveled, here in Europe.

I started out the weekend a little frazzled, for my original flight to Prague was canceled 10 hours before it was supposed to depart due to the Lufthansa employee strikes. After much stress and frustration, I finally got myself another flight that same evening and headed over.

Once I arrived to the airport, I took a cab to my hostel, checked in and went off to bed so I could rest up for the full day tomorrow. The following morning, my friend and I ate breakfast at our hostel, Hostel & Penzion Downtown, and had the most delicious homemade Czech breakfast. The hostel we were staying at was not the nicest but the location was great! We were only a 10 minute walk from the Charles Bridge and 15 minute walk from the main square, so regardless of its sanitation, it was a great spot. We decided for the day to just stroll around and see all of the history that this city had to offer and see some of the main sites. We started off the morning with a tour across the Charles Bridge and Castle. Being up on the hill where the Castle is located, there is the most beautiful view of the city! You could see the river running, the bridges and all the scenery surrounding, it was definitely a great photo-op ! We got to experience the changing of the guards (which was pretty intriguing and totally different to anything I have ever encountered) and after being up on the hill for a while we walked back down and headed towards the famous John Lennon wall. (Fun fact: John Lennon has never actually been to this wall.

It was created by locals back when Prague was a communist country and they forbid the listening of the Beatles, for they felt that it deflected the ideas and teachings of communism. Only Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife, has visited the wall.) Once we finished a great photo shoot and listened to some live Beatles tunes from aspiring musicians, we started our search for some warmth and drinks. We came across a very quaint and cute little restaurant right next to the Lennon wall that had an Alice in Wonderland type decor to it and ordered some mulled wine and hot chocolate and chatted about our new love for the city. After we were full off of our drinks we headed to one of the main areas or Prague, Old Town Square. There we saw the astronomical clock and some amazing old buildings and churches. There was so much hustle and bustle around the square, with the setup of Christmas markets and food stands, there was a lot going on. Having been walking around all day we were famished, so we started out to find a cute little restaurant tucked away from all of the tourism. As we were strolling the streets to find a restaurant, we came across a glass blower and sat and watched as he created a glass duck out of melted glass. It was mind blowing and amazing that someone had the ability and creativity to make such a beautiful thing using just glass. After being mesmerized for a solid 20-30 minutes, we headed out again for our dinner and came across a very appealing Italian restaurant.Once we finished our meals we headed back to the hostel and called it a night, for we had walked a good 6 miles that day and needed to rest our feet for the final day.

The following morning we started out our day with breakfast at the famous Cafe Louvre, were people such as Einstein used to eat. Once we finished out Northern Breakfast‘s we headed out to find Wenceslas Square in the drizzling rain. Once we came about its presence (which was a quite long and confusing process) we saw that it was being renovated and you were not able to go to the museum, so we ventured back to the bridge for a journey up to the Jewish Monastery at the top of the hill. With the incline and the many many steps we had to encounter, we decided to make a pit stop at a small restaurant near the monastery. We settled on a cheese plate and a piece of cake because what’s eating healthy abroad right? After we devoured our “lunch” we came to the conclusion that our journey to the top of the hill needed to come to an end, as we were too tired to keep walking. While we were walking back down we came across the most intricate and beautiful church I have seen here in Prague. Venturing over to it, we ended up just walking around because there was a service being held inside and we were not able to go in. Once we finished drooling over the beauty of the gothic style cathedral, we walked back to the hostel where I packed up my things and headed back to the airport.

Even though I was only in this beautiful city for such a short amount of time, I loved every second of it. I do hope to return back very soon and explore more of what this city has to offer and maybe even make it up to the monastery one day.
Prague, Czechia