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Drinking Slivovitz with a Czech in Prague
Right after I put on my pajamas and was about to close the door, our hostess, Michaela lightly knocked.
"Are you up? Are you busy?"
We replied that yes, we were up and no, we weren't busy.
"Oh good. Do you want to come take a shot? I usually like to do a welcome shot, but we didn't get to do that and since I am going to Berlin, I thought we could do a goodbye shot instead."
Our airbnb hostess also had properties in Berlin and was headed there that night by bus.
"Suuure," I replied. Wet hair, no bra (although that wouldn't be out of the ordinary in the Czech Republic), and pajama pants on, I went into the kitchen with my husband, where we met up with my parents and Michaela's friend, who were all also staying at the apartment.
"Okay, so this is slivovitz, a liquor that's made from plums," she said as she took a clear, unmarked bottle from the fridge. She grabbed shot glasses for each of us from the cupboard (and by shot glasses, I mean double shot glasses) and poured.
"So, if you are Czech, we just take the shot, but you can taste. I'll pour a smaller one for you," she said as she looked at my mom and me.
Once all the shots we poured, we put all our glasses together and said, "Na Dzravi!"
Now that was an experience we could not have had at a hotel!
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