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Prague in Photos

Welcome to Prague
Beautiful, kooky old houses like this dotted throughout the city centre really helped Prague live up to my expectations of a fairytale city. Prague was a fascinating contrast of old and new, so it both lived up to my expectations and surprised me

Modern Prague
As I've mentioned before, Prague is a crazy contrast of old infiltrated with new. This was inside a Prague shopping mall, which I found weird because the escalators to the next level took us through this fluoro archway that looked more like it belonged in a club than a standard shopping mall at noon...

Eeriest Shooting Range in Europe
Coming from Australia, I'd never ever seen, let alone picked up or used a gun.

Naturally, when the offer arose in Prague, I decided to see what all the fuss was about.

It was freezing, it was the middle of winter and I was 45 minutes outside of Prague in what looked to be the wilderness of the Czech republic. If I didn't know better, I would have suspected that my friends and I were driving into a scene from a horror movie (What is it about Czech woods? So creepy).

Before we could meet some sort of painfully predictable horror movie fate, we reached the Gun Club, the training ground of Czech paratroopers, police special forces and now, me.

We got to shoot ( targets only, nothing with a pulse) with an AK-47 (bloody hopeless weapon), a shotgun, a sniper rifle (watch your head, huge recoil!) and an M16 ( Wow).

It was a cool novelty experience and I got to keep my bullet shells as a memento. They weren't quite sure what to do with my vegetarian friend when they served us a hearty post-shooting snack (Who brings a vegetarian to a gun club?), but they were happy to do their best.

I have to say, as cool as it was, I am quietly relieved about Australia's strict anti-gun laws, these guns were designed to do one thing only and most of them seem like they'd do it pretty well.

Needless to say, I am now the envy of my father and my disbelieving, COD-playing guy friends.

LOCATION: They arrange hotel pick ups and don't list their address so they don't have crashers.

Prague Panorama from Letna Park
If there is one place that needs to be on your itinerary for Prague, it is Letna Park. The park is perched on a plateau and is one of our favourite spots in the city. It takes quite a climb to get there, but Letna offers a truly spectacular view over the Vtlava river and the bridges of Prague.

If you’re a photographer, this should top your list of things to do in Prague. Here you can click panoramic shots of Prague by the dozen. Make sure you stick around till sunset-the view of the Vltava river and the historic centre of Prague bathed in peaches and purples is second to none.

And while you wait for the sun to set, go over to the Metronome in Letna Park - skateboarders from all over Europe come here to practice and film their skills. If that doesn't excite you, the sprawling Beer Garden that is nestled deep within the park most definitely will. A beer (or two) here is a sure-shot way of mixing with the locals and finding out more about the city's history and the other cool spots. Drop in to say hello!

Salinger's Prague
One drizzly December day I came across this intrepid soul teaching archery to a knot of bored preteens in the Czech Republic. I couldn't put my finger on why, exactly, but the scene very much seemed to belong in a tenth story from "Nine Stories." Never to be, alas.

Krásný Prague: Architectural Gems in the "City of 100 Spires"
“Prague is one of the most haunted cities in the world,” says our guide Irina, who shows us the gems of the city of 100 spires on an early morning walking tour.

Every building seemed to brush its pointed head with a tangle of clouds and mist-- an impressionist’s dream.

The Moldau or Vlatva in Czech, means “wild river,” but that seems a misnomer, particularly today. It is calm and silvery, and neatly bisects the Old and New quarters, and dotted with passenger boats and barges bearing the “Budweiser” sign (it is a Czech beer, after all).

Even in this dreary weather, Charles Bridge, built in 1357 by King Charles IV did not disappoint. “Unfortunately King Charles did not see its completion,” Irina laments, but all of us in our group agree that this stone structure, flanked by some 30 graceful but often terrifying statues (now all replicas), is as cinematic as a Miloš Forman film.

Prague is also a city of Art Nouveau buildings, a style that shows a masterful fusion of period architecture. In one building “you can find a Gothic basement, Renaissance walls, and Rococo roofs,” Irina tells us.

My favorite building, the Rococo-style Kinský Palace at Old Town Square, is part of the National Gallery. As I walk on the cobblestones towards it, I notice a plaque that says, “Franz Kafka’s father had his haberdashery here.”

Even in the middle of one of the busiest squares in the city, I had found something that took me by surprise, something the guidebooks had not mentioned.

The Prague Skyline
The entire Prague skyline is rich with history and beautiful architecture.

Riding the Train into Prague, Czech Republic
The train ride into Prague, Czech Republic

Public Art
As a history buff, I really enjoyed finding this gem.

Nothing like having two friends join you half way across the globe, simply for the weekend.

bought a spectacular Jan Uldrych painting
i bought this spectacular painting by jan uldrych from the chemistry gallery in prague, that i came upon by chance as i was walking to the kafka museum.

Statue of Keys
I remember coming out of a small street to find this statue, but was impressed that it was made entirely out of keys. It was designed and built by Jili David.

The Convicted
On the side wall of the Loreto stood a small chapel, and inside was this painting known as "the convicted". Part of an old Czech tale I am unable to get more information on.

Prague, Czech Republic
While walking through the beautiful city of Prague I passed a farmers market and shopped for a bit. However I grew tired of the mounds of people and I yerned for something more peacful I walked down past the tourist information center on the right and vowed to keep walking until the noise from the crowds ceased to exist. That is when I came upon this passageway. It was gorgeous, I could see the marketplace from it but it was far enough to allow me to enjoy a nice lunch while taking in the magnficent surroundings. This felt like I had truly found Prague.

Get lost
Forget the plan. Wander the streets.

Red Roofs
Beauty in Panorama

Puppet shopping in Prague
Some areas of Prague give that impression that you are seeing a city described in a fairy tale. The tradition of puppets makes it even more interesting. If shopping for something unique in Prague there are many puppets stores that sell different sizes, shapes, characters, and colors of puppets. If you are a puppet fan check out this website www.puppetsinprague.eu

Vltava River
After a long afternoon of sightseeing, I took a walk along the Vltava River. It's a wonderful place to clear your head, listen to street music, and enjoy the hustle and bustle of Prague.

Musical Notes
Before the orchestra entered its pit, I snapped this photo of the sheet music for "Madame Butterfly."

Night at the Opera
In December, we decided to stop by the State Opera House to hear Giacomo Puccini's Madame Butterfly. The building was as gorgeous as the production.

To my pleasant surprise, most people were dressed casually. The accompanying wine and cheese was delicious, and the attendees chatted with one another prior to the show.

Self-Portrait On The Vltava River. Why Not?!
My partner and I decided to go to Eastern Europe this past year, and we're so thankful we did.

Wonderfully warm & friendly locals willing to offer up a nice and simple chat combined with deliciously inexpensive beers and insanely tasty food equals a recipe for a superb adventure.

Amazing architecture, street vendors and performers and sights as far as the eye can see will keep you mesmerized for days on end.

9 days, 8 nights quickly slipped by and we're now back in Chicago. Dreaming of the next time we can board a flight over the Atlantic, back to charming world of Bohemia. Prague.

Magical Christmas Market
If you traveling between 26 Nov till 06 Jan, you’d be fascinated by the Christmas Markets (or Vanocni Trh in Prague lingo) which are rated one of the top 5 in the World by Lonely Planet. Besides plenty of food and drinks, you can get hand-carved puppets, Bohemian crystals, Czech glasses, ceramic mugs and wooden toys. It's truly MAGICAL!

We took a long walk following the course of the Vtlava River. Great way to enjoy the river and Prague's amazing architecture.

Prague at Sundown
Beautiful colors and shadows.
Can you spot the airplane?

Getting a Taxi in Prague
After stepping off the EuroStar train in Prague, Chris and I were greeted with peculiar handwritten alerts on cement walls that read: “Taxis” with arrows pointing the way to what we assumed was a taxi stand. Sure, it looked shady (and I had read already that the taxi system in Prague was corrupt), but I refused to take the metro since we had five bags with us!
The “taxi stand” was really just a six-foot-two man wearing a cap. “Where do you want to go?” he asked in English with a strong Czech accent. I couldn’t pronounce the hotel correctly, so I had to show him the name in our guidebook.

After a long pause, he said slyly, “Yes—it’ll cost 800 koruna [$40 dollars at the time]—it is very far!”
I knew that was a lie! It was only a 10-minute cab ride without traffic because I calculated it using my map.
Chris looked at me nervously and said, “It’s too expensive, let’s go!”
I turned to the man and demanded, “400 koruna.”
Surprised, he shot back, “No!”
I crossed my arms and looked at him coldly. “500 koruna,” I continued; he shook his head again and I replied, “550!”
The taxi-stand man turned to the driver. They spoke in Czech, and the driver nodded his head, agreeing with the price.

We dragged our luggage over to the “taxi,” a regular black car that had no official markings on it at all. We arrived safely at the bottom of a hill that I assumed curved up to our hotel. With a welcome champagne in hand, we learned from the hotel that a taxi should've cost 400 korona!

Prague, Bastion of My Dreams
Prague erupts like something out of Hans Christian Anderson, all spires and turrets and red tiled rooftops. It captivates and enthralls and before you know it you are immersed, as in one of those fairy tales, not knowing when the wind will turn cold or the wood chopper appear from the dark forest, axe in hand. Talk about bells and whistles: on the hour the whole city jangles to life to the tune of the most elaborate clockwork masterpieces ever invented by the tormented mind of humanity. Strange little figures emerge through starry doors, they bow, bang drums, pirouette, all to the tinkling of tiny bells and the huge gongs of their massive parents in the bell tower. The Astronomical clock is something to witness. You'll never be late again...

The Lennon Wall
A bride walks by John Lennon at the Lennon Wall. Prague, Czech Republic.

Dancing House, Frank Gehry
In contrast to the fairy tale-type architecture you come across wandering around Prague- from the lavender colored home of the President, to Prague Castle, to the Astronomical Clock at Old Town Hall, "Dancing House,"* co-designed by Frank Gehry, provides a much more modern sense of whimsy. Visitors can't tour the building**, but can dine at the top overlooking the Vltava River.

*Originally called "Fred and Ginger" after Astaire and Rogers

**The site of this building is that of a house that was destroyed when the US bombed Prague in 1945.

Drinking Slivovitz with a Czech in Prague
Right after I put on my pajamas and was about to close the door, our hostess, Michaela lightly knocked.
"Are you up? Are you busy?"
We replied that yes, we were up and no, we weren't busy.
"Oh good. Do you want to come take a shot? I usually like to do a welcome shot, but we didn't get to do that and since I am going to Berlin, I thought we could do a goodbye shot instead."
Our airbnb hostess also had properties in Berlin and was headed there that night by bus.
"Suuure," I replied. Wet hair, no bra (although that wouldn't be out of the ordinary in the Czech Republic), and pajama pants on, I went into the kitchen with my husband, where we met up with my parents and Michaela's friend, who were all also staying at the apartment.
"Okay, so this is slivovitz, a liquor that's made from plums," she said as she took a clear, unmarked bottle from the fridge. She grabbed shot glasses for each of us from the cupboard (and by shot glasses, I mean double shot glasses) and poured.
"So, if you are Czech, we just take the shot, but you can taste. I'll pour a smaller one for you," she said as she looked at my mom and me.
Once all the shots we poured, we put all our glasses together and said, "Na Dzravi!"
Now that was an experience we could not have had at a hotel!

The Cold Can't Stop Fire in the Soul
I'd never been to Prague before, or Eastern Europe. So seeing this new part of the world was a highlight in itself.

But for me it wasn't the amazing architecture, or the history, it was the people, or should I say one person.

We left our Prague hotel and went for a walk, before taking a tour. I'm nervous on these tours as sometimes there is only one or two people. Which, happened again on this trip.

My wife and I were the only people on the tour, but our guide was a passionate man and this passion gave us our own private tour, from a local. We learnt facts that I remember to this day, and have an experience I'll never forget.

So even when the worst happened, and we thought we'd have an uncomfortable private tour, sometimes you'll be surprised.

Prague Airport
Size: Medium size airport
Internet provision: Free Wi-Fi
Services on charge:
A few shops
Coffee shops
All areas are clean and comfortable.
Our rating: A nice airport that will not bore the passenger if you have two or three hours in between flights to spend.

Slight Uncertainty
Tucked away near the famed Frank Gehry Dancing Houses are floating sculptures by Michal Trpak.

A Truly Magical City
I spent 40 fabulous hours in the city of Prague in the Czech Republic. Even though it was a very short trip, it was by far one of my favorite places I have traveled, here in Europe.

I started out the weekend a little frazzled, for my original flight to Prague was canceled 10 hours before it was supposed to depart due to the Lufthansa employee strikes. After much stress and frustration, I finally got myself another flight that same evening and headed over.

Once I arrived to the airport, I took a cab to my hostel, checked in and went off to bed so I could rest up for the full day tomorrow. The following morning, my friend and I ate breakfast at our hostel, Hostel & Penzion Downtown, and had the most delicious homemade Czech breakfast. The hostel we were staying at was not the nicest but the location was great! We were only a 10 minute walk from the Charles Bridge and 15 minute walk from the main square, so regardless of its sanitation, it was a great spot. We decided for the day to just stroll around and see all of the history that this city had to offer and see some of the main sites. We started off the morning with a tour across the Charles Bridge and Castle. Being up on the hill where the Castle is located, there is the most beautiful view of the city! You could see the river running, the bridges and all the scenery surrounding, it was definitely a great photo-op ! We got to experience the changing of the guards (which was pretty intriguing and totally different to anything I have ever encountered) and after being up on the hill for a while we walked back down and headed towards the famous John Lennon wall. (Fun fact: John Lennon has never actually been to this wall.

It was created by locals back when Prague was a communist country and they forbid the listening of the Beatles, for they felt that it deflected the ideas and teachings of communism. Only Yoko Ono, Lennon’s wife, has visited the wall.) Once we finished a great photo shoot and listened to some live Beatles tunes from aspiring musicians, we started our search for some warmth and drinks. We came across a very quaint and cute little restaurant right next to the Lennon wall that had an Alice in Wonderland type decor to it and ordered some mulled wine and hot chocolate and chatted about our new love for the city. After we were full off of our drinks we headed to one of the main areas or Prague, Old Town Square. There we saw the astronomical clock and some amazing old buildings and churches. There was so much hustle and bustle around the square, with the setup of Christmas markets and food stands, there was a lot going on. Having been walking around all day we were famished, so we started out to find a cute little restaurant tucked away from all of the tourism. As we were strolling the streets to find a restaurant, we came across a glass blower and sat and watched as he created a glass duck out of melted glass. It was mind blowing and amazing that someone had the ability and creativity to make such a beautiful thing using just glass. After being mesmerized for a solid 20-30 minutes, we headed out again for our dinner and came across a very appealing Italian restaurant.Once we finished our meals we headed back to the hostel and called it a night, for we had walked a good 6 miles that day and needed to rest our feet for the final day.

The following morning we started out our day with breakfast at the famous Cafe Louvre, were people such as Einstein used to eat. Once we finished out Northern Breakfast‘s we headed out to find Wenceslas Square in the drizzling rain. Once we came about its presence (which was a quite long and confusing process) we saw that it was being renovated and you were not able to go to the museum, so we ventured back to the bridge for a journey up to the Jewish Monastery at the top of the hill. With the incline and the many many steps we had to encounter, we decided to make a pit stop at a small restaurant near the monastery. We settled on a cheese plate and a piece of cake because what’s eating healthy abroad right? After we devoured our “lunch” we came to the conclusion that our journey to the top of the hill needed to come to an end, as we were too tired to keep walking. While we were walking back down we came across the most intricate and beautiful church I have seen here in Prague. Venturing over to it, we ended up just walking around because there was a service being held inside and we were not able to go in. Once we finished drooling over the beauty of the gothic style cathedral, we walked back to the hostel where I packed up my things and headed back to the airport.

Even though I was only in this beautiful city for such a short amount of time, I loved every second of it. I do hope to return back very soon and explore more of what this city has to offer and maybe even make it up to the monastery one day.

A Guide to Prague for the Curious Traveler
Prague is a small historical and stunningly beautiful citadel that has many surprises for the curious traveler. This European capital is charming in any season, but I think it is a great option for a summer getaway due to its shady narrow streets, large parks and the variety of refreshing local beer. I spent there one of my best vacations, enjoying sightseeing, sports, and nightlife.

Bring your comfy shoes to Prague, walking tours can have over 10 kilometers and even if you go by yourself, you’ll get lost while looking at the ornamentation of buildings, admiring the shabby chic cafes or quaint boutiques. There’s something to catch your eye at every corner, not to mention the breathtaking views of the Vltava river. I ate my first dinner in the Czech Republic on a ship bottom restaurant, late at night, while getting warm in a blanket( the breeze is still chilly at the end of spring), looking at the city lights and the shapes of the baroque statues that embellish the Charles Bridge.

I arrived at noon on a warm day and I thought I should enjoy the leafy Petrin. My bed&breakfast was close-by and it was a great choice because it was close to the city center( I later found the neighborhoods large and disorienting) and it had a nice comfortable mattress that I really enjoyed after long days of trotting.

In Petrin, near the observation tower that offers a spectacular 360 view over Prague and over the artfully landscaped gardens nearby, I joyfully discovered a mirror maze. Zrcadlové bludiště Petřín looks like a small castle on the outside but inside a labyrinth made of mirrors, including “Hall of laughter”, where distorting mirrors create hilarious images of the visitor.

Talking about labyrinths, do not miss Cross Club, and spend a night out exploring this cyberpunk magical place with good music, affordable prices with bistro and an underground club. There I befriended a Czech couple, which took my the next day on their favourite city walk, starting from Wenceslas Square and heading to Old Town Square where I saw the famous Prague Orloj, a medieval astronomical clock, Church of Our Lady before Týn, the Baroque St. Nicholas Church and the Rococo Kinský Palace which is now the home of an art museum. They also took me to try dumplings at Lokal Inn and to see many antique shops, but I remember only Antikvariát Aurora on Spálená, where you can find old movie posters. However, by far the most memorable experience was taking a local bar crawl together, which is a nightclub tour with a single fee that covers entrances and a variety of drinks depending on the price of the tour. I took a 3-hour crawl with special beer tastings, but wilder options included vodka and absinthe. I noticed Czechs love the 80’s in terms of music and fashion, so I can call it a travel in time.

Before reaching the end of my trip, I was lucky to see the changing of the guards at the Vyšehrad Castle after spending a day browsing art galleries, breweries, and bars. I enjoyed the most the selection of local artwork at the secluded MeetFactory and the bohemian atmosphere at the hip café Unijazz, but also a picnic and a long bike ride in Stromovka Park.

I chose Prague fascinated by its 1000 years history, its diverse and quirky architecture and its twisted cobbled streets, but I also found a thriving cultural life, friendly people, and a vibrant nightlife.

Hot air balloon ride over the city.
We had just a few days in Prague, Czech Republic in early December. My brother-in-law wanted to have a hot air balloon ride. We arranged with a company to pick us up at our rented apartment. Within 30 minutes we were on a hillside on a gorgeous morning. The wind was favorable to fly over the city. Prague is beautiful from any vantage point, but magical from above. While air traffic control would not let us fly over the castle or old town, we could see it clearly. As we came down outside the city on the edge of a farmer's field, we brushed the top of some trees with the basket. Pheasants, deer, and two large boars burst from the thicket below us. My brother-in-law, who had been complaining that he had seen no wildlife, was speechless.

Prague’s Charles Bridge
This graceful, statue-lined, medieval bridge spanning the Vltava River in downtown Prague, does more than just connect the districts of Old Town and Malá Strana: it also allows visitors to plunge into the colorful culture of the city. During the day, the bridge teems with street musicians, artists selling their wares, and strolling local families (many of whom stop to rub the foot of the statue of St. John of Nepomuk; it’s considered good luck). After sunset, though, you’ll see the quieter, more romantic side of Prague—when streetlamps along the bridge cast an atmospheric glow, and local couples linger to gaze at moonlight reflected in the river.
Enjoy a relaxed flight to Prague–including Swiss hospitality, award-winning cuisine and personal service–when you fly SWISS.

Stopping for a "Piss" in Prague
Located right in front of the Franz Kafka museum in the Lesser Town (Mala Strana) area of Prague, is one of the funniest fountains I’ve ever seen. Two bronze sculptures in the form of two men pee into a Czech Republic-shaped enclosure. Created by Czech artist David Cerny, this piece of art is appropriately called “Piss”.

After seeing this “pissing fountain”, and not in any particular hurry, we sat on a nearby bench and just watched the reactions from people passing by. It was hilarious. The funniest moment we experienced was when a father and his two young daughters came over to the fountain. We watched as the girls each put their hands in the streams and played around in the water. It looked so inappropriate! But all we could do was get a really good laugh and just enjoy the humor of it all.

At the time, I didn’t know there is even more to these men than simply looking like they’re peeing in a pool shaped like the country. Not only do they move realistically with an electric mechanism driven by a couple microprocessors, but they are actually writing out quotes from famous Prague residents with the streams of water.

You can even send your own message to a number that’s displayed next to the sculptures and they will write it out. I think about what message I might have sent, perhaps, “love the goulash!”

On a visit to Prague, go see this fountain for yourself where you'll definitely have a reaction. It might make you think, laugh, or more than likely, both.

Man On Horse
Found this walking in Prague hanging from the roof.

Overlooking the beautiful city of Prague
If you look out your window you can probably see the massive castle overlooking the city of prague. Make your way up the stairs to it and you too can view this magnficient city from up above!

Floating spires
Happened to be on a rooftop bar at the right time in Prague. Guess where the bar is from this vantage point?

Street Performer
Heading up the hill to the castle.

A Taste Of Home
As a coffee-loving Seattle resident, it's a treat to find a taste of home but with Czech architectural flair. This Starbucks is just off the Old Town Square and provides a welcome respite from the hordes viewing the astronomical clock.

V Kotcích 516/15, 110 00 Praha-Staré Město, Czechia
+420 773 967 755
Sun - Sat 11am - 8pm