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Pou des Lleó

Have the "famous paella" at Pou des Lleo
When we asked at our hotel for a restaurant recommendation, we were given directions to the restaurant at Pou des Lleo. "That's where they serve the famous paella," we were told. Pou des Lleo turned out to be a tiny cove at the end of a completely featureless road, and its restaurant served a handful of beachgoers and boat owners. We walked into the largely empty room, with its fairly basic tables and chairs. "Famous?" we scoffed to each other. A middle aged woman walked up to us, and smiled. She said only one word. "Paella?"
Apparently we were wrong. Their paella IS famous round here. It arrived in a huge iron skillet, looking like something from a medieval banquet, and was filled with so many different fish you'd have needed a degree in marine biology to name them all. And they were all delicious.
Because our Spanish didn't stretch to the word for 'glass', we accidentally ordered a bottle of wine, which was more than we could drink; the owners kindly turned a blind eye as we snuck it out with us at the end of the meal

Pou des Lleó, Spain