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Port of Spain

Ever been curious as to what happens/ed on Emancipation Day at “5 in de morning”…

In Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad and Tobago at 5 am on August 1st anything can be happening. But particularly on this date and time there is a re-enactment of the very said historic events leading up to the proclamation of Emancipation from slavery.

The re-enactment is very special as it allows one perspective, incorporating the recollection of history in the very location(s) and in the very same way as it was done by African Descendants of Trinidad and Tobago and other neighboring Caribbean Islands. Joining in to witness the historic re-enactment on August 1st 2014... we captured a couple shots along the way to convey what was experienced.

It all began on the corner of Duke and George Street, Port-Of-Spain, Trinidad. It was dark...some time before 5a.m. and armed police men patrolled the immediate area. I waited for a friend I rang up to come join me, while silently mingling among the other persons that slowly trickled in...greetings we shared and sooner or later the a.m. started with the formation of a circle. at precisely 5a.m. a ritual followed with pray, praises and song. Then to the streets...up to the Yoruba Village and into the center of Port-Of-Spain...

In 1985, August 1, Emancipation Day, was declared a national holiday. This re-enactment was part of the Emancipation 2014 celebrations. This day ends with a Flambeau Procession...captured here

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