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Best tourist places to visit in Italy - Travel Tips
The country of Leonardo Da Vinci, Italy is well known for its spectacular view. The whole Italy, Italy as a country is itself a perfect tourist spot. Wherever you see you will see something which you have never seen before. Italy is one of the most popular country where tourist visits all the year round. Rome, Venice, Vatican City, Leonardo da Vinci, Italian food these are some of the aspect which are so well known that among 9 out of ten people know about this. So as Italy is filled with great spots and individuals let us now point out some of the best tourist places to visit in Italy.

Rome: Who doesn’t know about Rome! Rome has its own history full of interesting myths and stories. Rome and Romans have made their place in history, that we all know. It is the capital of Italy. The architectural work spreaded all around Rome are sights to behold. Statues, Bridges, buildings, one is better than the other. A perfect place for people who loves to analyze historical monuments and architectures. The Vatican City comes under Rome, it is an independent country and its boundaries are in Rome. It is known as Pilgrimage for Christians all over the world since middle age. People from all around the world visits the several churches and go on to fulfil some of their religious fills to find themselves more close to God. So whenever one thinks of trips to Italy the first thing one should plan is to explore the Rome.

The Colosseum: We were talking about the beauty and rich architectural structures of Rome. But what we didn’t discuss is The Colosseum because it deserves to be mentioned all in itself. There are many amphitheatres but nothing can beat the beauty and the detailing of Colosseum. An amphitheatre is a venue which is oval or circular which is used for entertainment purposes. It is an open air venue. The Colosseum also known as Flavian amphitheatre is the largest amphitheatre of all time.

Venice: When it comes to canals and water Venice is what one should visit in Italy. Its is known as The Floating city. Venice is famous for canals and all the canal are interconnected to each other. It creates a romantic atmosphere with all its beauty and can be called the most romantic city of Italy. It can be a great place to visit during valentine. Great canal is the perfect tourist spot for water babies all over the world.

Florence: Just like Rome, Venice or Vatican City Florence is no less in beauty. It is also a great place to visit during Italy trip. As Florence is not well visited compared to other tourist spots which are too famous hence Florence has that mystery in her. One can explore and find some of the gems in Florence. So if you want to explore and have a gala time during the unfolding of mystery of Florence you must visit it.

The words will end but the list will not be complete. Italy in itself is beauty but as there are only a certain amount one can actually explore within a trip hence these can be great places to visit for any tourist from any corner of the world and have the experience of a lifetime.

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Rome, Metropolitan City of Rome, Italy