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Port Arthur

Australia's First Settlers - The Convict Transports
What most of us know about Australia is that it was a land settled by convicts. “Sons of convicts” and “bad stock” was how the world saw them. In the eighteen hundreds their convict past made Australians morally suspect to the rest of the world.
Australia was the large-scale example of convict transportation from Great Britain. They were supposed to be second offenders and Britain’s most hardened criminals but many sad stories slipped through.
In total 12,500 convicts passed through Port Arthur (Tasmania) between 1830 and 1853.
The penitentiary at Port Arthur was originally a granary and became a penitentiary in 1857. It housed 480 convicts.
One of the islands became the first boys prison in the British empire and another was the Isle of the Dead where everyone from Port Arthur was buried.
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