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Ponta Delgada

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The "Azorean Gold"  Ponta Delgada  Portugal

The "Azorean Gold"

When Paulo Vale looked at the ground, he didn’t see just a path as others might. He saw what today is known as “Azorean Gold” – that, unlike conventional gold, is black, stony and sometimes porous, but also valuable. Inspired by the rocks on the island where he was born, Vale creates beautiful pieces of jewelry, where the volcanic rock that emanates from the rift – commonly known as basalt – is combined with bright diamonds, gold and silver.

The addition of precious metals to this dark rock results in a very interesting contrast of colors, brightness and texture. At the same time, Vale’s talent can result in the most modern and bold pieces, but also in contemporary and casual accessories.

The “Azorean Gold” works not only as a fashion accessory, but also as a symbolic element, like a talisman, because it is a bit of his motherland. In this particular context, this geological material takes on an almost mythic value: there’s a little bit of the Azores and Portugal in there.