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Plaza Trinidad

Where to go for Tapas in Granada
Granada is one of the few cities in Spain that you can expect to get a free tapa with your drink. When I lived in Seville I never thought twice about picking the most appetizing tapa and paying for the little delicious dish. However in Granada I avoided the touristy-English menu-pick and pay for you tapa places. Granada is brimming with local tapas bars where you picked your drink and the tapa you receive is a complete surprise. Not only was this a nice advantage for my budget but it also allowed me to taste a plethora of tapas I might otherwise have never known of. Out of all the tapa bar areas Plaza trinidad was one of my favorites. I loved the wines at these tapas bars more then in some of the more touristy plazas and the tapas were always a great addition. There are two tapas bars on the Calle Tablas side that I returned to many times and a great-great- tapas place around the corner on calle Fabrica Vieja that has a bright blue wall and often is filled with locals. This Tapas bar with the blue wall (I'm sorry I don't know the name) also had the best and most extensive local wine list of all the tapa places I visited.

Plaza de la Trinidad, Granada, Spain