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Plaza de Santa Ana

Side street off the Plaza Santa Ana, Madrid.
The beautiful blue roof of the ME Madrid glows down the rainy side street, just off the Plaza Santa Ana. This area is ground zero for great Tapas bars.
Maximino's Daily Biscuit
Man takes his best friend, Maximino, on a daily walk to his favorite coffee vendor, where "Max" patiently waits at the window until he receives his biscuit!

Wandering around the side streets near Plaza Santa Ana of Madrid is a magical experience.

After being inspired by looking at art & sculpture at the museum, I like to relax at a sidewalk cafe table in the outdoor plaza enjoying a cappuccino along with a potato, ham & cheese tapa.

And to enjoy a favorite activity-- just people watch! While watching the locals gather to meet their friends and family, I imagine what the relationships are. If it is a group of adolescents I check out their angst and pecking order. If it's an extended family, I believe that I sense their level of familiarity and comfort, love and joy, which is easy when there's laughter.

I like watching the tourists as well to see if they are really "seeing" and not just taking photos of each other in front of the fountain, yet missing the "here and now" authentic feel of the place.

You never know if you'll find a group of musicians playing jazz or a street florist, children playing a game, lover's kissing, or a kind genteel elderly lady with a big hat who wants to talk with you because you smiled at her but it is always an enchanting experience.

Maybe you'll run into Maximino looking for his daily treat.

Maximino's Daily Biscuit Madrid  Spain

Plaza Sta. Ana, 28012 Madrid, Spain