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Playa de La Concha

San Sebastián At Its Finest.
Other than the wonderful people and delicious pintxos that this city is known for, nothing can compare to its beautiful beach. What best way to enjoy it than to get a nice tan and cool off in the sky blue water.
Cooling Off in the Bay
We were hot and sweaty from the bars, slightly intoxicated, and wanting to just feel free. So we ran down the ramp to the Playa de La Concha and jumped (some clothed, some not) into the bay.

A night to remember, with the city shining around us and the music from the discos faint in the background.
Cooling Off in the Bay San Sebastian  Spain

Sunset at the Playa de la Concha
We took this picture 2 weeks ago. Summer had not come to İstanbul when we left for Spain - it sure is here now! - and we were simply happy to have cought the chance to feel the sand, smell the sea and, most of all, enjoy the breath-taking beach sunsets of summertime... The skies of the city of San Sebastian celebrate the magic of life with Christ watching out for them all from the hilltop!
Sunset at the Playa de la Concha San Sebastian  Spain

Beach of La Concha, 20007, Gipuzkoa, Spain