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The Caribbean's Most Sustainable Fishery Aguada  Puerto Rico

The Caribbean's Most Sustainable Fishery

I am all about hunting lionfish. These guys are gorgeous but invasive to the Caribbean. They were released by aquariums in Florida back in the late 1980s. Now they've taken over the waters of every Caribbean island, and we are working as fast as we can to find a control method.

Since we as humans are so good at fishing, why not turn lionfish into a fishery? Well, in fact, that might be what happens.

Easiest to catch by scuba or free diving, these venomous fish sit silently against the reef or nestled under a crevice. Many dive shops will offer free dives if you want to hunt them, and some places around the island have started derbies modeled after those in Florida and the Bahamas. But be aware, not every area is open hunting grounds: Marine reserves and protected areas require special permits.

If you want to hunt sustainably in the Caribbean, be sure to talk to your local dive shop (or your resident lionfish scientist!) for appropriate areas to hunt and lessons on how to protect yourself from their spines. It's really the best introduction to spearfishing: Go hunt an invasive species and then enjoy a delicious grilled lionfish lunch afterward!

More info on the lionfish invasion in PR can be found here: www.lionfishpr.com