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Athens Tips Part 10 - Souvenirs
No matter where you go in Greece finding souvenirs is never a problem; this is especially true in Athens. The range of items you can bring home to remind you of your visit is staggering. From cheesy magnets to full suits of armour, there's something for every price range. Most of the classic souvenir shops in Athens can be found in the Plaka and all around the neighbourhoods surrounding the Acropolis.

Picking a place to shop can be overwhelming, and many of the shopkeepers can be very pushy. Keep in mind that many of the tourists visiting Athens come from cruise ships, so the quick sale is key for many of these shopkeepers. They will hover over you, they will all tell you how exclusive their merchandise is, and they will all offer a discount, anything to convince you to buy immediately.

If you have the time shop around, take your time and don't let the shopkeepers pressure you. Most shopkeepers really cheer up when you return to a shop, and may offer better deals on your second visit. For higher quality products, it's better to visit shops that focus on one type of items, such as olive wood, jewelry or religious items. Many shops that sell a huge range of products tend to have cheaper, lower quality, products.

Most of all, don't be afraid to ask for a better price, bargaining is accepted but also be ready to walk away if the price is too high.
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Plaka 190 01, Greece