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Place du Tertre

my table!
The Place du Tertre was made famous by Amelie Poulain a fictional film character who delighted millions about a decade ago. Her home was the neighborhood of Montmartre in Paris. An art market held on the Place du Tertre attracts folks to the area as does the view (it is on a "mountain" in the center of Paris.) Take the funicular up to the beautiful Sacre Coeur Basilica and walk the neighboring streets. Here you will find plenty of choices for food and drink. Interestingly tucked away in the "back" of the neighborhood is an actual vineyard - worth seeking out as there are not many in city centers of this size. Several windmills from the era when wind was "harvested" from this hilltop location create a unique feel. This is a place not to be missed.
Artists Abound in Montmartre
Artists and easels abound at Place du Tertre in the heart of Paris' bohemian neighborhood of Montmartre. Traditionally, because Montmartre fell outside of the city limits, it was rendered a tax free zone, making it an ideal place to drink, sans the red tape. Artistic geniuses like Van Gogh and Toulouse-Lautrec were attracted to Montmartre because there, they were able to create hallucinogenic-inspired masterpieces under the influence of affordable, tax-free absinthe. Today, although the red tape is in full effect in Montmartre, the spirit of artistic bohemians lives on!
Artists Abound in Montmartre Paris  France

Isn't it Loverly?
Romance is everywhere in the City of Lights. During my two week stay in Paris I lost count of how many lovers I saw, who caught up in the city's magic, shared a passionate kiss.

This Montmartre couple seemed different. Their embrace was so overwhelmingly tender, that I blushed at my intrusion on their "moment" and quickly turned away... but, of course, not before snapping this photo.

It now hangs on my wall as a reminder of the romance and feeling that make Paris so special.
Isn't it Loverly? Paris  France

The Famous Montmartre Man
I was wandering the back alleys of Montmartre's touristic Place du Tertre when I spied this restaurant worker taking a break at the back door of this creperie.

At the moment I went to snap the shutter he spied me as well. Although he appeared skeptical and a little apprehensive, he made no move to escape my lens.

I suspect that he went home that night and told his wife that "yet another silly tourist" took his photo. And, I think that they both laughed heartily at the absurdity of his "fame".

I hope that he would be very pleased to know that this photo graces my kitchen wall, and that visitors always comment on my famous Montmartre man.
The Famous Montmartre Man Paris  France

Place du Tertre, 75018 Paris, France