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Place du Grand Sablon

Belgians love flea markets
For a great shopping experience, provided that you have a wallet full of Euros, is the Sablon area of Brussels. Other than the art galleries and cafes and restaurants, you can catch the brocante, or flea market, in the square.

The photo is of a very beautiful art deco statue that was on sale at the market. Although this is one of the "posh-est" areas of the city, you can still find some bargains.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates
I looked through the freshly cleaned glass devoid of fingerprints and surveyed my choices. Dark, milk, nuts, liquor, and fruit; this was my lineup of choices at the Godiva chocolate shop in the Grand Place of Brussels. I looked at my watch and hesitantly pointed to a dark one. The sophisticated looking man carefully picked it up with his white glove and handed it to me ever so gently. The crinkled brown paper ‘cup’ it was served in made a slight paper rustling noise as it landed in the palm of my hand. I surveyed it, smelled it, and then ate it.
Dark chocolate goodness melted in my mouth; and it was only 9AM.

Many people say the best chocolate in the world comes from Belgium. I felt I needed to conduct my own research; after all, as a travel writer I must really dig into a story, check the facts, ensure my readers are getting the full truth! Sometimes travel writing it really tough…tasting chocolate at 9AM is only one of the many traumas we face! Viator tours was willing to help me with my chocolate research - by joining their tour, I was educated in everything chocolate.

Learn more about the Brussels Chocolate Tour: http://www.viator.com/Brussels/d458-ttd

Grote Zavel, 1000 Brussel, Belgium