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Place de la Concorde

A Parisian highlight
Over 20 acres of beautiful square is the Place de la Concorde, which has beautiful fountains, an Egyptian obelisk and excellent views and architecture in every direction.

La Ville Plus Belle
It was early evening when we reached Place de la Concorde, and although it was FREEZING (we were there in January), I took a moment to enjoy this scene. The "Iron Lady," as some French affectionately call the Eiffel Tower, can be seen at several points throughout Paris. The sound of only a few cars and the hum of voices in the air only enhanced this moment. Losing feeling in all extremities also began to affect this moment, and so as the sun finally set, we quickly made our way to the relatively warm metro. It is well known that there are many beautiful buildings and landmarks to see in Paris, but I couldn't help but appreciate them more when I acknowledged them in relation to their surroundings, seeing these features as part of the whole of Paris, and what makes it the City of Love.

Parisian Fountain
Ever since my brother moved to Paris 5 years ago, Paris has become a second home. And every time I go I visit this fountain at Place de la Concorde, always seeing it, photographing it, in a different way. I always find it quite stunning, but at night, that feeling is amplified.