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Sun on Struggle Street
The view from our gondola ride up to the top of the beautiful Mt Pilatus. Obviously, it was freezing and although the sun seems to be almost completely hidden by fog here, once up the mountain is was blindingly bright!

Swiss Adventure Playground?
A peculiar playground (perhaps?) that we floated over on our way up to the top of Mt Pilatus... Either a very rustic playground or a makeshift bootcamp obstacle course. Jury is still out on this one. Cute though!

Floating up Mt Pilatus
The gondola ride took about half an hour, with a couple of options, to either stop on the first level and get amongst the snow for a snowball fight ( which ended quickly...so cold it burns!) or go up to the very top of the mountain

Free Pass into Heaven
A very quaint, beautiful, TINY church, with no visible path, and certainly no gondola, to help you get there. I almost didn't notice it at first, from the top of the mountain.

If you made it to this Church on a day like this in Luzern, you would automatically get into the heaven (of your choice) for free, I think.

Assuming you don't die of frostbite on the way up.

Pilatus- a day's tour with steepest cogwheel train and a shipride
Do a day's tour to and from Pilatus- truly a memorable trip!
Take the ship from Lucerne to Alpnachstad and from there you board the world's steepest cogwheel train; the maximum inclination is 48%. Take a seat just behind the driver so that you can have a good view! While in the train, open the windows to breathe in the fresh mountain air, spot the flowers only seen at these heights, hear the cow bells- enjoy the Swissness of the mountains!

The ride from Lucerne is about 1 hour and then from Alpnachstad again about 40 minutes, It is advisable to start early in the day, We had our brunch on the ship. The food was quite good - with different varieties - chicken, pasta, salad, sandwiches.

At the top, it can get quite cold. Take along outdoor jackets and to be able to hike to the top, wear foot wear with a good grip!

Mount Pilatus, 6010 Alpnach, Switzerland