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Piedras Blancas

Lazy elephant seals
Piedras Blancas was one of my favorite spots on our driving trip down the Pacific Highway in California. I could have spent hours watching the elephant seals sun bathe while the young pups clumsily try to wedge their way into the huddle.

Battle dance
I was lucky enough to witness two young male elephant seals duke it out with some heavy-duty chest butting and grunting. The winning seal staked his claim and forced the loser back into the ocean.

Avoid the tourist crowds to enjoy elephant seal viewing along this short hike off hwy 1 in California
The Piedras Blancas lightstation hike starts at the north end of the elephant seal viewing parking lot found right off of hwy 1 in California. Most people head to the southern portion of the parking lot to view the seals.

There are elephant seals basking in the sun along the entire route of this trail that follows the coastline and veers slightly inland until it reaches the unpaved road leading to the Piedras Blancas light house.

A very nice, flat trail about 3 miles each way and great close up views of elephant seals without the tourist crowds!

In this image, you can see the tip of the lighthouse peeking over the outcropping of rock if you look to the top left of the photo.

Piedras Blancas, California 93452, USA