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Phuket, Thailand

Feeding the Fish in Phuket

One of the water activities in the islands off Phuket is to feed the tropical fish. Those fish are "spoiled" by all the visitors who feed them bread. When you soak a piece of bread in the water, they come to you within a couple of seconds, and I'm not talking about a dozen of them, it's like several dozen of them. You will be surrounded by the colorful fish.

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over 6 years ago

SPA in Phuket, Thailand

SPA in Phuket is truly Zen. Not only the whole aromatherapy process, but also the environment. You will cross over a couple of water gardens and gates in order to arrive to the heart of the SPA lobby - It's almost like a process of purifying your mind. There, you will be served with house made lemongrass tea.
over 6 years ago

over 6 years ago

Blue Marine Resort in Phuket, Thailand

The pools are the eye-catching factor of the Blue Marine Resort in Phuket. The pools are staged like levels of stairs, or more like a waterfalls when looked from the lower level. The traditional elephants sculptures are guarding the pool, along with green tropical trees. The view at the top level including the endless ocean. Grab a coconut drink, and you can sit there and watch the view all day.