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Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

explore Cambodia and volunteer/help w/ landmine problems.

Cambodia is an amazing place with vibrant genuine people.. explore the mighty Rivers, beautiful beaches and dark history in Phnom Penh.... you can also stop off and volunteer at one if the orphanages filled with kids and adults who have been by land-mines left over from Vietnam conflict. I was fortunate enough to have drifted through Cambodia for a few mis and did some photo work with an intl agency clearing mines from rural areas north of Phnom Penh, the capital... this yr alone 15k mines were cleared, that will not maim farmers and children... But, balance this sustainable work with jaunts to angor wat ruins, to sinoukville and relax on beach/sip Mekong whiskey in the thatched huts and watch the incredible sunsets... take a boat from angor to Phnom Penh and enjoy the picturesque villages and days of old..

picture: I was assigned to a battalion clearing landmines and this shot was one of many mines that were found beneath the ground and awaiting clearance by men who detonate them or big machines that run over them. they say at the rate they are clearing, it will take 30 yrs to clear the country!!!