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Pheasant's Tears

Wine Tasting through Georgia's Countryside
During my week-long trip through Georgia, I had my fair share of great-tasting wine. Georgia is actually considered the birthplace of wine and for good reason.

Vintners have been producing wine here for more than 8,000 years, especially on the slopes of the Caucasus Mountains using qvevris, pointed terracotta vessels lined with beeswax which are buried in the earth. As of today, Georgian vintners still use the same methods they used thousands of years ago, despite modern advances.

I was able to learn about this unique profess first hand during a visit to popular local winery and restaurant, Pheasant’s Tears. They specialize in artisanal natural wines and, similar to many wineries in Georgia, stick to the traditional wine-making methods that have been passed down from generation to generation.

Pheasant’s Tears wines are fermented using naturally occurring yeasts, and their distinctive character is rooted in Georgian soil and culture. After meeting the owner and take a tour through their cellar, I had the chance to taste a few of their flavorful wines over a homemade meal.

While Georgian wine is exported to other countries, it's not all that common. So, I was really surprised when I returned to New York and found a few bottles of Pheasant's Tears' wine available at Astor Place Wines. I bought a few bottles, eager to share my new-found appreciation for Georgian wine with my husband and close friends.