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Peru in Photos

Lead Surf Classes in Peru
Surfers from around the world come to northern Peru to ride the waves, some of the planet’s longest. But many Peruvian communities lack the facilities and skills to benefit from surf tourism. In the small fishing village of Lobitos, Waves for Development hopes to empower youth through a surf education program led by volunteers. Beginning surfers are welcome. WHAT YOU’LL DO: Teach Peruvian kids how to swim and surf; lead classes in surf photography, how to open a surf shop, surfboard repair, English, and environmental conservation; organize a community development project such as a surf contest or beach cleanup. HIGHLIGHTS: Surf every morning and afternoon and improve your skills with surfing lessons from experts. Learn Spanish from a Peruvian teacher. Stay with the other volunteers in a local home and eat a seafood dinner in the host family’s restaurant. Waves for Development, (518) 339-2142,

Exploring the Land of the Incas
Peru would have to be one of our favourites - the colours, the people, the food, and the places - it has everything to offer to a traveller. From Incan ruins to the Amazonian rainforest, there's something for everyone in Peru. The highlight for us was the region that includes Cusco, The Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. Although the area can get touristy, we still could not help but marvel at the amazing sites that we saw in this region - absolutely out of this world.

City Streets of Cusco
Walk up and down the streets in Cusco, and you could easily get the feel of being in Europe. The cobblestones and architecture are reminiscent of another continent, but the Andean mountains set a backdrop unlike any other. Enjoy wandering around and don't pick a precise destination - you'll discover wonderful coffee shops and local bars. Enjoy Cusco!

Temple of Sun in Cusco
At that moment, everything was in darkness. Only I stood in the light.

Cuzco's Main Square
This photo was taken in Cuzco's Main Square at the end of a popular protest. These girls were playing around the square after school. The Main Square has a daily life very intense with locals and foreigners enjoying the beautiful Cuzco.

Precious Isabel and her Puppy
Walking from the elegant Hotel Monasterio to the Main Plaza, an adorable young girl in bright embroidered regalia holding her puppy caught my attention. I always ask permission to take a photo and Isabel she wanted to earn some "Nuevo Sols" the local currency for school supplies. She also had three younger brothers. I was happy to help her and her family as she provided me with so much joy and warmth. The Peruvian people are adorable and charming, friendly and with a sense of humor. Cusco is a beautiful city and one where expats from around the world have relocated to call home.

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