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Pat's Tap

Vintage skee-ball, modern menu, chalkboard poets and a movie star
If Pat's Tap were a person, she would be the girl-next-door with a bit of an edge. She has an open mind and friends in every circle. She's always in-demand, but never over-hyped. She knows how to have a good time, but in a low-key, comfortable way. Pat's is truly a place for the people.

The bar is perfect for grabbing a few drinks and catching up with friends. Pat's has a wide selection of beer and wine, along with a clever cocktail menu. The restaurant serves fresh, inventive, locally-sourced food and is considerate of vegetarians, vegans, the gluten-free and unabashed carnivores alike.

There is no "typical" patron. Everyone is comfortable here, except those who are hard of hearing, perhaps. Even if it's 10 pm on a Tuesday, the place will inevitably be packed with people shout-talking and laughing, so don't bring your Dad if he has trouble hearing over a lot of background noise.

Aside from the consistently good drink and food menus, my favorite two features are the bathroom chalkboards featuring inspirational bits of wisdom from fellow patrons who have hopefully washed their hands before handling the communal chalk and the vintage skee-ball table. If you're lucky, you and three friends can commandeer the table all evening for a handful of quarters. People will inevitably want to butt in for a game or two and you should probably let them, in keeping with the egalitarian spirit of the place.

Added bonus: Josh Hartnett likes it here.
3510 Nicollet Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408, USA
+1 612-822-8216
Sat, Sun 9am - 2am
Mon - Fri 11am - 2am