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Pastrmajlija meat pie

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Pastrmajlija meat pie  Shtip  Macedonia (FYROM)

Pastrmajlija meat pie

Pastrmalija is a Macedonian bread pie made from dough and meat. The pie is oval-shaped with chopped meat on top of it. The name comes from the word pastrma, meaning salted and dried meat of sheep or lamb (cf. pastrami and "pastırma"). Pastrmajlija originates from the Ottoman oriental cuisine, but in time is received it's typical Macedonian ingredients (ex. the pork meat on top of it). In some regions of Macedonia they still make the pie with pastirma, but my suggestion for You is to go with the pork meat version.

In honor оf Pastrmalija, every year in the city of Stip they organize event called "Pastramalijada". Stip is the place where they make the best pastrmajlija in Macedonia.

My recommendation is the "Mal Odmor" restaurant in Stip. I took this picture at their restaurant. However, if you choose to go to another restaurant, you won't be wrong.