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Pastelaria Queijadas Da Graciosa

Must-try: Queijadas da Graciosa
‘Queijadas da Graciosa’ are a typical sweet from Graciosa but they are also famous outside the Azores. Star-shaped, they were typical in every gathering on the island, becoming a tradition in Graciosa’s families.

Nowadays they are baked by the artisan Maria de Jesus dos Santos Bettencourt Félix in her cake shop in São Mateus, in Vila da Praia. And that’s why nowadays they are also known locally as ‘Queijadas da Praia’ (beach cheese tarts).

Baked with fresh and natural ingredients, such as cinnamon, milk, sugar, flour, butter, eggs and salt, the ‘Queijadas da Praia’ recipe follows the nun’s techniques and ensures an unforgettable moment for those who try.

Pay attention: they are “exported” in small blue boxes to the different islands. Definitely a must-try in the Azores.
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