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Parkers Crossroads Cemetery

Parkers Crossroad Cemetary Rd, Wildersville, TN 38388, USA

Civil War Stories

You don't have to be a history buff to appreciate Reverend John Parker who died in 1864, but makes his point in eternity. The story goes that he started out a unionist, fiercely opposing secession. After a cannon was placed right into his front yard, he got into a massive tiff over this invasive measure. After the commander's refusal to move the cannon, Dr. Parker switched sides, and supported the confederacy. His final wish was to be buried with his feet to the north, so that 'when the angel Gabriel sounds his trumpet', he could rise and kick the Yankees behinds all the way back to the North!

Go visit the cemetery, and see if you can spot his (and his wife's) grave sites.

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