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Getting around in Paris
When my plane landed finally at the Charles de Gaulle airport, I really didn’t know what to expect. Ever since I was little, Paris had always been the one place I had always dreamed about visiting. I'd close my eyes at night and imagine myself walking the dark Parisian streets at night, making myself warm with a cup of coffee in the cold and crisp Paris air. For the past few years now I had felt like I related to the literary character 'Madame Bovary’, only in the sense that like Emma Bovary, I too craved going to Paris. My holy grail, Paris, was not finally under my feet (technically the plane) and for the first time ever my mind was utterly blank as to what I would do once in Paris, even though I had already prepared and revised a complete list with even minor details regarding all the places I'd visit in Paris. As soon as I got out of the plane the first thing I noticed was that even the air was quite different than what I was accustomed to and even the very people that were my travel companions, suddenly seemed very exotic and foreign to me.


In my star-struck planning for Paris I had completely forgotten to plan how I would travel in the city. Instead of renting out a fancy car from an agency, I decided to get the complete feel of the city and hailed an airport taxi. Not only was the ride enthralling but due to the fact that the airport taxi driver was a local, he ended up showing me places which didn’t show up on google and weren’t even famous. I felt like these less crowded and hidden street cafes were what actually truly reflected the true essence of Paris. With my experience with the airport taxi, I decided to travel around the city using public transportation. Not only did that help me in seeing places that were extremely beautiful despite being unsubstantial, but using public transportation also helped me in visiting all the famous places that I had always imagined going to like the Eiffel tower, Notre Dame de Paris, The Louvre and the Arc de Triomphe.

The driver of my airport taxi later on stayed in touch with me during my stay in the city and he helped me with a few of his friends, in truly and wonderfully enjoying Paris, as it truly is. Using public transportation also helped me in meeting some of the most amazing Parisian people. I now think that if I stayed in a fancy hotel and travelled by uber throughout my stay in the city I would never have been able to enjoy Paris as much as I did. Using public transportation like most other Parisians do, made Paris seem real and alive to me. I’m sure that even if I travelled the city on my own I still would have enjoyed, but meeting those few people that I did and using public transportation is what added life and beauty to my trip.
Paris, France