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Parc naturel régional de Camargue

Off-Roading France's Outback
France's Camargue is not like the typical Texas cattle country, but it is somewhat flat land with an open horizon filled with farmers, livestock and arenas for bullfights. France's 'outback' is a regional park and nature reserve that is filled with flora and fauna covering marshlands, and cattle and horses grazing dry countrysides. The Camargue sits at the mouth of the Rhone River delta and is one-third marshes, lakes or lagoons.

We took a tour in a classic Land Rover and it was a one-of-a-kind unique experiences to see this part of France. Definitely recommend doing this type of tour with the locals, it was great.

Along our road trip throughout the southern coast of France, there were several highlights in Arles and learning about the Camargue was just another.
Bullfighting French-Style
There is a huge Spanish influence in southern France, and the bulls rule in France's Camargue. After a maybe half day of touring the Camargue, definitely see the bulls in action at one of the local arenas.

Seeing a bullfight in France is different than in Spain because the French will not kill the bull in front of the audience. Coming from a country where bullfighting isn't customary or traditional, it was great to see the locals' excitement and try to learn the rules of the game. It was fantastic to see it as a 'family night out' for some.

Hey, when in the Camargue, do as the Camargues do!
Bullfighting French-Style Saintes Maries De La Mer  France

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