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Parc des Rapides

In the Roar of the Lachine Rapids, A Quiet Oasis
Montreal's Parc des Rapides stretches along a vibrant, chaotic stretch of the famous Lachine Rapids of the St. Lawrence River. On one side of the long peninsula is the rush and whirl of water. On the other side are the quiet sheltered ponds of a long-gone, hydroelectric plant.

We have walked the park on a brilliant warm mid-summer day and in winter when ice flowed on the river and the frozen ground crunched beneath our feet. Today was gray and drizzly which only made us appreciate more the colorful wild roses and daylilies and the near constant chatter of robins, red-winged blackbirds, sparrows and warblers.

The park is within a 20-25 minute drive of downtown Montreal. Parking is convenient and free. The pea-gravel paths are well maintained. Beautiful metal benches with a flowing natural design dot the landscape, beckoning the walker to sit a spell and enjoy the views of river or pond.

Lasalle, QC H4H 1R3, Canada
+1 514-367-1000
Sun - Sat 7am - 10pm