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Paraty - State of Rio de Janeiro, 23970-000, Brazil

Party in Rio, but Rest in Paraty

Rio is spectacular in it's own right, but once the hustle and bustle of the city wears you down, Paraty is the place to go. Located about 150 miles west of Rio, it can be reached by taking one of the many buses that run throughout Brazil. And for those that haven't experienced the Brazilian bus system, that is an adventure in itself. Once you arrive in Paraty you'll see that it's a sleepy little fishing town, and the greatest place to just rest and relax. There are various bungalows that can be rented for small sums, complete with wonderful breakfasts to greet you in the morning. If you are feeling adventurous, you can charter one of the sail boats shown above and local guides will take you into their fishing waters. Once on the water, you can then depart from the boat and swim or take a raft to small, secluded private beaches. Upon returning to the boat, you will be greeted with a warm smile and an ice cold caipirinha to round out the rest of your day. Rio may have the night life, but Paraty does life right.