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Panxi Restaurant

151 Longjin W Rd, ZhongShan QiBa Lu, Liwan Qu, Guangzhou Shi, Guangdong Sheng, China, 510000
+86 20 8172 1328

The Home of Dim Sum

Ask anyone in China, and they'll tell you that Guangzhou is considered the home of dim sum. If you love dim sum like I do, you'll be eager to take your appetite on this cultural journey.

Many of Guangzhou's dim sum restaurants have been in existence for hundreds of years. Some of them comprise multiple rooms connected by stone bridges, one over a small lake. Some are just crammed into old Cantonese buildings. (The coolness of the building seems to have no reflection on the deliciousness of the dim sum.)

Here are some of the more famous locations for dim sum in Guangzhou:

Pan Xi Restaurant (泮溪酒家), 151 Longjin West Road (龙津西路151号)

Datong Restaurant (大同酒家), 63 Yanjiang Road (沿江路63号)

Taotao Ju Restaurant (陶陶居), 20 Dishifu Road (第十甫路20号)

Four Seasons Restaurant (中国大酒店四季厅), 122 Liuhua Road (流花路122号中国大酒店)

Liuhua Congee House (流花粥城), Renmin North Road (人民北路903号流花湖公园)