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Panumart Tattoo

I got my first-ever tattoo in Chiang Mai and I couldn't be happier.
Everyone has different preferences while traveling, right? Heck, even one individual can change their traveling style from trip to trip.

Overall, though, I prefer to enjoy local experiences over the typical tourist itinerary.

Sometimes I'm lucky enough that I get to enjoy those local delights. Recently I had the pleasure to enjoy a somewhat traditional Thai tattoo experience.

No, it wasn't a bamboo tattoo nor was I blessed by a monk in the process, but I got a tattoo in someone's house.


After two years in Thailand I've learned that mom and pop shops are a major element of Thai culture. More often than not, that results in the family's home doubling as a store.

Panumart Tattoo is currently such an establishment. This tattoo shop is located in Chiang Mai's small town of Pa Daet (only about 15 minutes from the Old City).

It's run by the up-and-coming artist Panumart Ahm, which is where the store's name comes from.

Beyond loving the tattoo I received, I've been rewarded by getting taken in by a Thai family. A "mildly-interesting" look into typical Thai lifestyle can be had.

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A cool Jesus piece tattoo
A cool Jesus piece tattoo Tambon Pa Daet  Thailand

115/48 Soi 16, Moo 7, Pa Daet, Muang, Chiang Mai 50100, Thailand
+66 97 098 4517
Sun - Sat 10am - 6pm