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Pantone Hotel

1 Place Loix
| +32 2 541 48 98

Colorful Pantone Hotel

he PANTONE HOTEL in Brussels (book through Unusual Hotels of the World) has carved out a very specific, unique target customer niche — graphic designers, marketing types (such as myself) and printers — by designing a property around the Pantone Color Matching System, a well — color matching system — used to produce the brochures, posters, banners and other propaganda that we graphic designers, marketing types and printers like to foist upon unsuspecting consumers like you.

The PANTONE HOTEL mostly succeeds: I give them an A for cleverness, an A- for aesthetics, an A for originality and a big, fat F for floor coverings. The Pantone people are clearly artists first (they’ve created a very sexy brand, considering they’re dealing with a color matching system), hoteliers second.

Belgium trip report: http://bit.ly/Oocgt6