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Pancha's Of Yountville

Take a Dive at Pancha's
If Rose, the proprietor at Pancha's, gives you a hard time (ie threatens to throw you out and beat up your girlfriend), don't worry — it's just part of the experience. Order a Coors Banquet, try to keep you're mouth shut and if you're lucky, you can get in on a game of pool and play some Wille Nelson on the juke box. If you're less lucky, you will end up face down in the gravel parking lot. Either way, Tacos Garcia is there for you— not the best taco truck in the Valley, but by the time you are stumbling out of Pancha's, who really cares?

6764 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599, USA
+1 707-944-2125
Mon - Sat 12pm - 2am