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Palau Pacific Resort

Palau Pacific Resort - Pure Palauan Perfection
With all that Palau has to offer, it's hard to imagine one spending much time at his or her resort, but it's entirely possible to get caught up in all the wonderment that the PPR has to offer. Incredible 5-star service, luxurious locally decorated suites, on-site wildlife sanctuary, fantastic dining / drinking options, some of the warmest locals you'll find, and all with an eco-friendly approach to hospitality.

If you're dining in the main restaurant, opt for the "Palauan Steam Boat" to get an authentic taste of all the local fare. Be sure to set aside an afternoon to snorkel through their wildlife sanctuary and admire the giant clams followed. Kayak into the purple sunset or off to find a private Palauan island of your very own (there are many)! And, when it's all over, stop by the pool bar for a "Shark Attack," but try not to plan much the following day!