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Great Recreational Travel Options for Workaholics  Pai  Thailand

Great Recreational Travel Options for Workaholics

Brilliant Travel Strategies for Type A Personalities

We all know a few Type A personalities. Driven to accomplish plenty, their drive can help them succeed. It can also make them more prone to heart disease. That can make it particularly important for Type As to break away from work and enjoy some travel and relaxation. At the same time, Type As tend to be reluctant to spend their time sitting on a beach or admiring a mountainside. Here are great travel ideas that can inspire even the most workaholic to get out their passports.

Get a Certification

If you (or your loved one) can’t imagine spending time without specific goals, then plan to learn something during your travels. Foreign travel is an excellent time to study a new language. Further your fitness goals by running a marathon or getting your martial arts instructor certification. Staying one in one destination long enough to reach one of these goals can allow enough time to fully explore and truly experience the local atmosphere.

Schedule Challenges

Rather than worry about a trip that won’t be exciting enough for a Type A, be sure to include some challenges along the way. Schedule a scenic zipline tour across an exotic forest, a visit to a world-class rollercoaster, or an innertube ride down a mountain stream. For example, a trip to see the Grand Canyon can suddenly become worthy of bragging to other Type As once it includes white water rafting or other adventures.

Document It

If sitting back and enjoying travel isn’t enough, one option is to quantify the trip in some way that makes it seem more like an accomplishment. Photograph key sights and post them on social media, write blog posts about the travels and history of each place, or track the journey on a map. A fitness tracker can provide a step count or track the number of miles travelled to document the momentous nature of the journey.

Pursue a Hobby

If simply going somewhere to enjoy a change of venue doesn’t feel like enough of a firm goal to satisfy your Type A personality, find ways to link it more firmly to your life. Travel to a place where your favourite television shows or movies were filmed. Visit each location and document your travels. Another option is to join a tour or cruise that specifically targets your areas of interest. Art and specific parts of history are popular tour themes but there are also groups focused on beer, wine, plants, and a broad range of other hobbies.

Travel Under Your Own Power

If sitting in a car sounds too boring, look into other approaches to travel. Bicycling tours can be a good way to see the sights while peddling around enough to remain interested. Cruise ships might seem less exciting but many ships offer a range of activities from gambling to surfing. Renting a yacht can be a chance to use sailing skills or learn them. Even a road trip where you pick the locations and set the schedule as you go along can be a good option for anyone who has trouble relaxing.