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Owen and Cambridge Road

Skip Starbucks, Grab a Morning Kopi
Kopi is the Malay/Hokkien term for coffee, an obsession imparted to Singaporeans by the British, but it doesn't taste like any coffee you know. The beans are roasted in sugar and butter, giving them a shiny appearance before they are ground and brewed into a rich, thick coffee elixir. Here are the codes to ordering a cup of kopi to your liking:

Kopi: Coffee with sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk, and sugar.

Kopi-O: Black coffee with sugar, no milk.

Kopi-O Kosong: Black coffee, no milk or sugar.

Kopi-C: A less sweet version of the original with no condensed milk.

Kopi Siu Dai: An even less sweet version.

Poh: Weaker kopi, prepared the usual way with more water added.

Kopi Peng: Iced kopi. Peng (or ping) is the Chinese word for ice. You can add “peng” to any coffee order.

Owen Rd & Cambridge Rd, Singapore
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