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The Catlins

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Untouched New Zealand

When I first heard about The Catlins I wondered why it wasn't talked about more... but then its remoteness and mystery is what makes it so special. The Catlins is an area at the bottom of the South Island and its biggest town, Owaka, only has 400 residents. This really is off the beaten track.

Its appeal lies in its landscapes - rolling waterfalls, drop-off cliffs, long long beaches, and even rainforest. This is an area that can best be described as rugged and dramatic and is about as close to 'untouched' New Zealand as you can get.

One of the must do's is the walk to Nugget Point (not many people have this on their skite list) which has wild views of a group of rocks so likened to the shape of gold nuggets, that they've been named after them. Plus on the way to see The Nuggets you could be lucky enough to see elephant seals, fur seals and the New Zealand Hoiho, our protected Yellow Eyed Penguins.