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Ottoman Hammam

Arkitextures of Ottoman Kyparissia
Centuries of history are hidden deep within the Peloponnese. Kyparissia lies 62 km west of Kalamata (of olive fame) and rarely becomes part of the tourist's itinerary. The city boasts the architectural history of the Franko and Turkokratias, time periods often eclipsed by Greece's Classical past. This small hammam (or Ottoman bath house) lies below the Frankish fort, a short (uphill) walk above the town proper. Some terracotta water pipes are visible in this building, making it a perfect opportunity to investigate bath technology.

Unlike touristic parts of Greece, where a security guard watches over the guests, this structure can be explored at will. With so much freedom comes the responsibility not to damage the structures, so refrain from littering and other destructive behavior. Kyparissia is a beautiful beach town - go to get a fantastic Mediterranean tan, stay for the adventure.

Georgakopoulou, Trifillia 245 00, Greece
+30 2761 023911