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Olive Oil Gelato Glory in NYC
Mario Batali's Otto in New York has the most exquisite gelato I've tasted. Since I've returned to the States from my semester in Italy, this is the only place that has satisfied my gelato cravings. Not only did it surpass my expectations—I think it's actually better than any gelato I had in Italy.

Four girls who went to Italy with me and I spent a Saturday in New York City. We were college students, very broke college students, who loved food. For our lunch, we managed to have a cheap and delicious pork banh mi at a tiny restaurant called Banh Mi Saigon in Little Italy.

Then we spent about double the amount we paid for the sandwich on gelato. And I would spend so much more. The Olive Oil Coppetta consists of "olive oil gelato, concord grape sorbetto, pignoli rosemary brittle, candied clementines, lime curd, pomegranate," as the website says. (The photo I posted is of an olive oil and lemon gelato cup. Unfortunately, the photo I took of the Olive Oil Coppetta turned out really blurry.) This is easily one of the top five desserts I've had in my life.
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