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Orlando Towers

Experiencing Johannesburg The Extreme Way
100m up, where the wind catches your hair and you suddenly get this uneasy feeling at the bottom of your stomach... this is where you'll get one of the craziest views out over Soweto and Johannesburg. A few deep breaths and a couple of safety checks later you're launching yourself into the open air for one of the most exhilarating experiences in your life!

The Orlando Towers Vertical Adventure Facility, offers a wide variety of extreme activities which include bungee jumping, a power swing from the sky bridge inbetween the towers, SCAD free falling inside one of the towers, abseiling, rock climbing on the outside of the cooling towers, paint balling, rap jumping and base jumping for the really crazy ones!

Once you've, gotten your adrenalin rush and you've finally reached the bottom, you can enjoy the yells and screams of your friends as you enjoy a nice cold beer at Chaf-Pozi which is located on the same property,

Bungee Jumping–Soweto
On the first day of my travels with Collette (http://www.gocollette.com/) we stopped to take a look at the towers that have become one of the main landmarks of Soweto.

Leave it to this bustling township and its myriad of emerging entrepreneurs to create the first bungee jump between decommissioned cooling towers!! Way to recycle an unused structure!

Open Fri, Sat, Sun – 10am until sunset

Nina Dietzel traveled to South Africa courtesy of South African Tourism, Collette and South African Airways. Her highlights are part of AFAR's partnership with The United States Tour Operator Association (USTOA), whose members provide travelers with unparalleled access, insider knowledge, peace-of-mind, value and freedom to enjoy destinations across the entire globe. See more about Nina's trip at the USTOA blog - http://ustoa.com/blog/category/afar/.

Chris Hani Rd, Klipspruit 318-Iq, Johannesburg, 1809, South Africa
+27 71 674 4343
Thur - Sun 10am - 5pm
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