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Old Town Farm & Bike In Coffee

Bike to a Local Farm
Eating local doesn't get much more local than this: breakfasting on the same field where the ingredients for your quiche, salad, and green-machine smoothie were grown. There's one catch. You have to do a little work to get there. Old Town Farm welcomes customers to dine on their local, organic fare each weekend during the summer so long as you ride a bike to the farm. (The neighbors don't mind bike traffic as much as car.) You'll find a fleet of bikes propped on the fence of the horse coral as you cruise onto the farm. Order at the food truck and find your spot amid the rows of squash, garlic, and other crops.

A cup of coffee and a slice of homegrown hospitality
The 16 mile Paseo del Bosque Bike trail follows the contours of the Rio Grande River as they both bisect the City of Albuquerque, NM from the North end to the South. A beautiful desert experience in it's own right, a weekend bike ride on the trail is made all the nicer by the existence of Bike In Coffee. Based out of a converted camper, the make-shift coffee shop boasts a pleasant array of pastry, soups, salads, smoothies and, of course, coffee. The camper/cafe makes it's permanent home on and takes many of it's fresh ingredients from the aptly named Old Town Farm and as the name suggests, caters to bikers and runners every Saturday and Sunday morning.

Shortly after rolling onto the property, you'll likely meet owners Linda & Lanny. They're happy to show you around the farm and educate any willing students about the different food grown on site. With coffee in one hand and a snack in the other, you can walk the grounds sampling twigs of "this" and smelling leaves of "that" as Linda plucks and prunes from the myriad garden plots. A quick pit-stop for some morning sustenance can very easily turn into something longer. The temptation to take a load off and put one's feet up can prove to be too much for many of us.

949 Montoya St NW, Albuquerque, NM 87104, USA
+1 505-764-9116
Sat, Sun 8am - 2pm