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Old Town Dubrovnik, Croatia

Why Dubrovnik is Perfect in November
Dubrovnik, Croatia is truly a sight for sore eyes with towering walls surrounding a glimmering white city, a picture perfect coastline and rugged mountains that beg for exploration. No matter the season, Dubrovnik's sheer beauty will astound - but, in summer months it'll cost you (in dollars and patience).

From May to October, hoards of travelers arrive clogging up the city walls and causing major price inflation. Yes, the weather may be steamy hot but good luck trying to find a spot on the beach.

With this in mind, I planned my trip to Dubrovnik for November. The weather is still warm, the crowds are slim to none and accommodation is cheap. Seriously, cheap. To be specific, my beautiful, spacious, oceanfront apartment that now costs only 70 Euros per night goes up to 200 Euros in the summer. Quite astounding, huh?

And, so lesson number ten thousand and five on my RTW trip is to travel in the "shoulder season" when the weather is still grand and the hoards of travelers have returned home...

Dubrovnik, Croatia